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Ensuring a high and stable quality plays a vital role for any strongly regulated enterprise – such as those active in the pharmaceutical or food industries. Therefore, it is important to establish an effective quality management in order to minimize risks and to implement the required quality level of products and services.

With a decade of experience in their background conis developed the quality management software conis QMS® placing a special focus on pharmaceutical and food manufacturers as well as IT organizations. conis QMS copes with the structure of any complex documentation, including its dynamics. It ensures that any staff member knows which rules are valid – and it empowers responsibles to to design those rules and to define which of them is to be valid at what period in time.

conis QMS serves as quality management’s workshop and show window at the same time:

1. concerning the overall documentation:

  • Structured overview
  • Task-oriented user interface
  • Multilinguality
  • Role-based access
  • Communities
  • Workflow design
  • Integration into the IT infrastructure
2. concerning any document:
  • Workflow-based creation/modification
  • Reviews
  • Electronic signature and release
  • Rendering
  • Publication
  • Distribution with/without recipient confirmation
  • Controlled Printout
  • Access control
  • Audit-proof archiving
  • Life-cycle control

conis QMS is highly scalable, upwards and downwards alike. Our offering is flexible: Customers may simply buy a license, have us support their in-house installation or order to host the system outside their own IT.

Our offering concering conis QMS is not limited to software. It is accompanied by our rich service catalog which makes sure that you obtain exactly what is required by your quality management.

View the Power of conis QMS®

To give a short introduction into the appearance and major functionality of conis QMS® we prepared five screen videos for you:

Starting a document workflow

Shows how the system is entered and how the document creation workflow is started.

Initializing a document

Demonstrates the creation of a content document as well as the handling of document attributes.

Using the workflow bar

Introduces the document-related workflow management functionality.

Signing a document

Presents the application of electronic signatures to a document.

Forms processing: executing and enhancing a test case

Demonstrates how a software test case is executed electronically using a template document maintained in the system. The test case execution yields an automatically created result document. This example shows the vast opportunities of conis QMS with respect to forms processing. Other document-based form types such as change requests or check lists can be handled in a similar way.